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Andrei Morgan, Welcome Address

Welcome Address. Dr Andrei Morgan, INSERM

Andrei Morgan - EPOPé

Becca Wilson, History of DataSHIELD

Dr Becca Wilson, University of Liverpool

Mette Hartlev, Ethico-Legal Aspects

Keynote and discussion: Ethico-legal aspects of federated analysis in and outside of Europe. Prof Mette Hartlev, University of Copenhagen

Paul Burton, introduction to DataSHIELD

An introduction to DataSHIELD. Prof Paul Burton, Newcastle University

Tanja Šarčević, Wellfort Platform

WellFort: auditable privacy-preserving data analysis platform for SMEs. Tanja Šarčević, SBA Research

Hugh Garner, DataSHIELD ICURE

Hugh Garner, Newcastle University

Sido Haakma, Armadillo Platform and Molgenis Suite

DataSHIELD integration with the Armadillo Platform and Molgenis Suite. Sido Haakma, University of Groningen

Johan Vinther, Singletons federated analysis research project

A federated analysis research project using data from 16 cohorts on more than 200,000 live-born singletons. Johan Vinther, University of Copenhagen

Gabriella Melis, Child socio-emotional development study

Child socio-emotional development in 8 birth and pregnancy cohorts. A comparative assessment of prevalence in LifeCycle through DataSHIELD. Dr Gabriella Melis, University of Liverpool

Mariona Pinart, Results from nutritional epidemiology study

Dietary macronutrient composition in relation to circulating HDL and non-HDL cholesterol – results from a DataSHIELD analysis in nutritional epidemiology within ENPADASI. Dr. Mariona Pinart, Max Delbrük Centre for Molecular Medicine

Stef van Buuren, Multiple Imputation

Strategies in Multiple Imputation for Distributed Data. Stef van Buuren, University of Utrecht (RECAP)