GitHub: Bring edits from another repository to your own

This is written for the circumstances where someone has been working on a branch you are also working on, and you want to bring in their changes to your own branch.

This guide uses commands for Linux terminal, a different OS will require different commands

In Linux terminal, use command

Open Shell terminal.

Change directory to your github folder: (use ls to see where you currently are in the file system and where you can go)

cd Documents/2020\ DataSHIELD\ sources/

Here, do a merge:

what is a merge?

git merge upstream/v6.0-dev

Now push back to my repository:

git push

this will prompt you for your GitHub username/password combo, which you enter, then the computer communicates with the GitHub website to download the appropriate files to your machine.

You can now check this stage has successfully completed: previously it would have said a number of commits behind master (e.g. 77 commits behind master). After the git push, it should be up to date with git master.

(If not, ahead of git master?)

(is this too precarious to mention on a wiki page?

Next, you may want to create your own development branch, instructions found here.

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