List of all DataSHIELD functions v6.1

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We are currently looking at reworking the list of functions to make them easier to use, and to find which ones you would find useful. If there is interest, we could add tags to functions so that you only load functions with certain tags like "beginners", "aggregate only" etc. To register interest in this, please email .

A similar (albeit unsorted) list is kept at , which is updated as soon as any new version of DataSHIELD gets published.

Key: pink = new to this release

Data Preparation functions (generally of type "Assign")

Coercing functions

Variable manipulation functions

Data Frame/List manipulation functions

Administrative functions

Data Analysis functions (generally of type "Aggregate")

Data structure queries

Summary Statistics Functions

Matrices Functions

Table functions

Survival Analysis functions

Distribution Generating functions

Modelling Functions

Data Presentation functions

Plotting functions

Deprecated functions

These functions in the left hand column of the below tableshouldn't be used, as a rule. There is information contained within the help for each of them detailing which function you should use instead, that does all of what the deprecated function did do, and more!

Deprecated functionReplacement function









Generating the list of available functions yourself


can now be used to generate PDF version of the R manual pages.

Once you have loaded the DataSHIELD packages, you can find a list of all functions within a DataSHIELD package using the ls command in R/RStudio.


The output below is for the dsBaseClient but can be substituted for any DataSHIELD package:

> ls("package:dsBaseClient")
 [1] "ds.asCharacter"             "ds.asDataMatrix"            "ds.asFactor"                "ds.asInteger"               "ds.asList"                 
 [6] "ds.asLogical"               "ds.asMatrix"                "ds.asNumeric"               "ds.assign"                  "ds.Boole"                  
[11] "ds.c"                       "ds.cbind"                   "ds.changeRefGroup"          "ds.class"                   "ds.colnames"               
[16] "ds.completeCases"           "ds.contourPlot"             "ds.cor"                     "ds.corTest"                 "ds.cov"                    
[21] "ds.dataFrame"               "ds.dataFrameFill"           "ds.dataFrameSort"           "ds.dataFrameSubset"         "ds.densityGrid"            
[26] "ds.dim"                     "ds.exists"                  "ds.exp"                     "ds.glm"                     "ds.glmerSLMA"              
[31] "ds.glmSLMA"                 "ds.heatmapPlot"             "ds.histogram"               "ds.isNA"                    "ds.isValid"                
[36] "ds.length"                  "ds.levels"                  "ds.lexis"                   "ds.list"                    "ds.listClientsideFunctions"
[41] "ds.listDisclosureSettings"  "ds.listOpals"               "ds.listServersideFunctions" "ds.lmerSLMA"                "ds.log"                    
[46] "ds.look"                    ""                      "ds.make"                    "ds.matrix"                  "ds.matrixDet"              
[51] ""        "ds.matrixDiag"              "ds.matrixDimnames"          "ds.matrixInvert"            "ds.matrixMult"             
[56] "ds.matrixTranspose"         "ds.mean"                    "ds.meanByClass"             "ds.meanSdGp"                "ds.merge"                  
[61] "ds.message"                 "ds.names"                   "ds.numNA"                   "ds.quantileMean"            "ds.rbind"                  
[66] "ds.rBinom"                  "ds.recodeLevels"            "ds.recodeValues"            "ds.rep"                     "ds.replaceNA"              
[71] "ds.reShape"                 "ds.rm"                      "ds.rNorm"                   "ds.rowColCalc"              "ds.rPois"                  
[76] "ds.rUnif"                   "ds.sample"                  "ds.scatterPlot"             "ds.seq"                     "ds.setDefaultOpals"        
[81] "ds.setSeed"                 "ds.subset"                  "ds.subsetByClass"           "ds.summary"                 "ds.table"                  
[86] "ds.table1D"                 "ds.table2D"                 "ds.tapply"                  "ds.tapply.assign"           "ds.testObjExists"          
[91] "ds.unList"                  "ds.var"                     "ds.vectorCalc"             

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