Beginners Hub


This page links together all the materials that a new DataSHIELD user will find useful.


  • videos showcasing concept

  • videos of DataSHIELD in use

  • vignette to try yourself

  • appendix: omics instructions

  • Useful links


Introduction by Paul Burton:

Explains the overall architecture of DataSHIELD.


Introductory videos:

Series of videos explaining the rationale for DataSHIELD and the issues it addresses (click the left/right arrows below right to move through videos)

DataSHIELD coding demo (live workshop recordings):

Alex Westerberg gives a beginner demonstration of simple DataSHIELD functions in use.


Beginners Tutorial (DataSHIELD v6.1)

Appendix: omics instructions:

Juan Ramon Gonzalez of ISGlobal demonstrates omics analyses tools available in DataSHIELD.


Vignette accompanying video:

Sub pages of beginners hub:







DataSHIELD uses distributed computing and parallelized analysis to enable full pooled meta-analysis of horizontally partitioned individual level data without the need to access the individual level data at each study.

Confused? Here's a breakdown:

DataSHIELD uses distributed computing...

...and parallelized analysis...



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