June 2020 DataSHIELD Summer Workshops (18th & 23rd June)

Beginners' workshop

The “Beginners Workshop” was a 1-hour long session taking place on Zoom on Tuesday 23rd June, in which Tom Bishop and Alex Westerberg presented how to get started with the DataSHIELD software, and how to use basic functions to use distributed analysis techniques to explore data. Questions were then answered by Tom Bishsop, Demetris Avraam and Paul Burton.

Link to recording of workshop: https://youtu.be/f0NJNu--Oik

Advanced Users' Workshop

The “Advanced Users' Workshop” was a 2 hour session which took place on Zoom on Thursday 18th June, which covered IPD analysis (demonstrated by Paul Burton) and mediation analysis (demonstrated by Tom Bishop). Demetris Avraam was also present to answer statistical technique questions.

Link to recording of workshop: https://youtu.be/nFOAZ-OXTms



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