Tutorial: how to connect to studies using Resourcer package

Brief summary of steps:

Download the v6.1 Resourcer-enabled Virtual Machine (VM) and then import it in the standard way. (VMs used by previous training materials won’t work). If you are unsure, or it is your first time setting up a VM for DataSHIELD analysis, please find our detailed how-to here in the installation & training hub.

Once VM running, go to IP address of the Virtual Machine ( and log in using the username/password combination of that VM.

From the Dashboard, go → Administration → DataSHIELD

At the top of the list you will be able to view the Packages installed on the server side (e.g. dsBase)

You can click the blue “Add Package” button.

Then specify which package to add. Below we add three separate packages: dsBase, the isglobal dsOmics package and the resourcer package. (click a screenshot to enlarge!)


Then: go back to the dashboard of the Opal → Explore Data (on left of page) → Select “Resources” Tab → “Add project” button.

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