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  • Improvements to "ds.dataFrameSubset", “dataFrameSubsetDS1" and "dataFrameSubsetDS2" functions: improved argument checking and support for the "ONES" option, which will cause a vector containing "1" to be created and then used directly to select all rows when you are primarily subsetting by column.

  • Improvements to “ds.dataFrame” and “ds.cbind” functions: ensures that the combining of variables in data frames that are created by those two functions maintains the actual class of each input variable.

  • Improvements to "ds.names" and "namesDS" functions: improved checking that function is operation on a list object which may include objects whose primary class is something else (e.g. glm, for output from a generalized linear model) but is also a list.

  • Improvements to "ds.dataFrameFill" and "dataFrameFillDS" functions: ensures that the classes of any created columns match the classes of existing columns in the other studies.

  • Enhancements of build and testing system: remove reliance on "opal" and "opaladmin" packages.