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DataSHIELD is an international open source software project developed by the DataSHIELD team based at the University of Liverpool. DataSHIELD has been under development by the Data 2 Knowledge research group for almost ten years with the DataSHIELD team previously located at the Universities of Leicester, Bristol and Newcastle prior to transfer to University of Liverpool. 

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What is DataSHIELD?

DataSHIELD is a software solution for secure bioscience collaboration.

Analysis requests are sent from a central analysis machine to several data-holding machines storing the harmonised data to be co-analysed. The data sets are analysed simultaneously but in parallel, linked by non-disclosive summary statistics. Analysis is taken to the data – not the data to the analysis.

Further in-depth explanations can be found in the website's "About" section.



General project information is available on the DataSHIELD website

Support and project communications are available through the free DataSHIELD Forum, previous talks and tutorials are available on the D2K Youtube Channel.

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