Version 6.1.1

DataSHIELD Release Notes v6.1.1 

Focus of Release 

This release of DataSHIELD is a maintenance release for release 6.1, containing changes for known issues in release 6.1. Larger changes will be saved for the release 6.2.

Changes from DataSHIELD v6.1 to v6.1.1

General Changes

  1. Add tests to client-side methods to ensure that ‘datasources’ is a list of DSConnection objects.

  2. Many error messages previous returned have been converted to errors generated by 'stop(...)'.

  3. General improvements to documentation

  4. Additional tests implemented

Changed Functions 

  1. ds.boxPlot: implementation has been refined.

  2. ds.completeCases: ensured correct behaviour if applied to a vector.

  3. ds.cor: remove the naAction argument, and fixed the behavior to 'casewise.complete' for “NA” values.

  4. ds.dataFrameFill: if filling a column with factors, levels are set correctly.

  5. ds.dataFrameSort: ensure correct behaviour if sorting columns are not integer of numeric columns.

  6. ds.tapply.assign: ensure correct behaviour of disclosure check when conversion to factors.

  7. ds.lexis: ensure required headers are retained.

  8. ds.glmSLMA: added support for assigning model to a variable on the server-side.

  9. ds.lmerSLMA: added support for assigning model to a variable on the server-side.

  10. ds.glmerSLMA: corrected documentation.

  11. ds.recodeValues: can be applied to columns which are factors.

  12. ds.rm: permit removal of multiple variables on the server-side and removed the restriction on variable name length.

  13. ds.merge: correction to documentation.

  14. ds.table: ensured correct behaviour when assignment of table to variable on the server-side is specified. Ensure study names are included in tables.

  15. ds.cbind: ensure checking of the assignment of column names and unused arguments.

Additional support packages and platforms

  1. Support Opal 4.0.3

  2. Support DSI 1.2, DSOpal 1.2 and opalr 2.0.0

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