VirtualBox Networking

If a network warning occurs, or you are having trouble connecting to the VM (e.g. can't ping it or open the opal webpage) it might be necessary to reset the network adaptor. You can do this by powering down the VM, then deleting the host-only adaptor in the main virtualbox setting, then adding a new host-only adaptor that matches the original settings.

  • The host machine and the virtual servers are able to communicate with each other through a host-only network. This network cannot communicate with any other network your (host) computer might be on. The host-only adapter will be configured when you import the Virtual Servers, no extra setup is necessary.

  • The virtual servers also have a second 'NAT' network adapter. This does enable them to communicate through a network the host computer might be on. Consequently you will be able to update the servers (e.g. sudo apt-get upgrade) or install R packages from CRAN or github.

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