Introduction to R and the R tutorial

This tutorial introduces (1) R as a programming language and (2) R tutorial available on our wiki.


The workshop aimed at individuals who apply statistics and statistical packages. It is assumed those individuals will have developed some good understanding of statistical techniques. However, some statistical resources can be found in the introduction of the R tutorial.


  • Provide some background information about R programming language

  • Demonstrates how to use R studio console, help and R Notebooks

  • Demonstrate how large datasets can analysed using R and data hubs

  • Provide an overview of the R tutorial for DataSHIELD users.

Tutorial Plan

The audience was encouraged to ask questions during the workshop. Those were addressed and answered at the time. If any individuals have any questions, they can contact us and we will respond to them as quickly as possible.





15 minutes

Introduces R as a programming languages and its history. This background information also suggests some tips for beginners.

The structure of the online tutorial is introduced with the concepts of beginners, not-quite-advanced, advanced users.

05 minutes

Demonstrates how to use R Studio.


20 minutes

Demonstates how to use the covid19 packages to obtain some large datasets and create some basic visual representations and explore correlation between some statistical variables:


15 minutes

Demonstrates how to manipulates data frames to create some subset and clean data datasets to produce some comparison analysis.

The use of functions is demonstrated to illustrates how code re-use can enhance the maintenance of R scripts and R notebooks.



5 minutes

To conclude the R tutorial structure is introduced in more details. It was pointing many additional reading are included to challenge and inform advanced users too.


Download files

Individuals can download the code for their own explorations. Please, keep my name, as the first author.

An introduction to Non-disclosive Federated Analysis in R can also be found in github:


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