How to upload a server-side function

Steps to follow for uploading server-side functions:

  • In the opal server click the Administration option and under the Data Analysis section click the DataSHIELD option. 

  • Under the section Methods choose the type of your function; Aggregate or Assign.

Aggregate and assign functions

Aggregate functions are the functions that return non-disclosive information to the client

Assign functions are the functions that do not return their output to the client but rather save it on the server


  • Click the option Add Method, write the Name of your function and choose the Type R script.


  • Under the section Function copy and paste your code without copying the name of the function.


  • To check and use the new uploaded function you should logout of the Opal training servers from the DataSHIELD client.
  • Login again to the Opal training servers.



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