How to update your personal repository on Github

This Guide is incomplete, screenshots to come soon.

These instructions assume you have already created your own fork of the DataSHIELD project. If you haven’t please first see these instructions.


Firstly we will create a dummy branch that we want the update to go into. Then we will pull the updates into that branch.

It is worth noting that if you just want to have a single up to date branch of the latest released version of DataSHIELD you do not need to follow the first part of these instructions. However for developers, especially within the DataSHIELD team, it is vital to have in-development versions which do not infringe upon the released versions.

Part 1: Creating the new branch

Go to github, then to repository “_yourusername_/dsBase”.

Click on the branch dropdown of the repository you are currently viewing.

If you don’t see the right version then create one by typing in the box. For example, create a new one called “v6.1_dev”.

You should see “Branch Created”.

As soon as you return this new name, a new branch will be created, of this name, and containing exactly the same files as the branch you were viewing before making it.

Part 2: Creating a “Pull Request” to update the branch

Click “Pull request” in the grey bar (this will be found next to “x commits ahead, y commits behind”).

Change the base repository & head repository order (you are updating the material in the base repository from the head repository. So the arrow should be in that direction).

Scroll down, the changes that will be coming in this updated are listed. After confirming they are the required ones, click the big green button “create pull request”.

You will be taken to a new page. Below all the changes listed is another big green button “merge pull request”. It will be available to click assuming there are no conflicts (if there is a conflict and you don’t know how to fix it, please get in touch on our forums).

If this stage is successful, the buttons should turn purple.

Verifying successful creation

You can now return to your newly created branch by going back to “_yourusername_/dsBase”.

Click on branch dropdown, select newly created/updated branch.

Can see from the files contained that it has been successfully created!





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