If you don't want to (can't) use vagrant but want to use the puppet scripts to install an opal server with the test data. 

Installing Ubuntu:

  • Create new blank Ubuntu VM in VBox with 2GB ram and 20GB dynamic hard drive.
  • Right click VM settings > storage > IDE controller > empty - select 14.04.iso from drop down menu.
  • Top menu file> preferences >  network > host only networks > click plus button.
    • Set the IP address to      <- Note this is '1' not '100'.
    • Turn DCHP off.
    • Note the name of this new host only network you have created. It will be something like vboxnet1.
  • Right click VM > settings > network > adapter 2 set to host-only and select the name above.
  • Now start the VM, it will walk you through the installation process.
  • During installation, ensure you check the box to install OpenSSH. Otherwise, the defaults are all fine.

Configuring Ubuntu:

  • Start VM
  • Set up with username: user
  • password: password
  • Edit the network interfaces file so it uses the 2nd network card (sudo nano /etc/networks/interfaces)
    • Add: 

      # VM host-only network adapter

      auto eth1 

      iface eth1 inet static 


    • Note how it is 

  • Reboot
  • Check you can SSH in from the host (ssh user@
  • Do an update
    • sudo apt-get update
    • sudo apt-get upgrade
  • Poweroff and take snapshot. This is your vanilla ubuntu VM.
  • restart VM

Installing opal:

Export the file as an OVA file if you want to give it to someone else