List of all DataSHIELD functions

See: /wiki/spaces/DSDEV/pages/12943456 for a list of all package manuals (pdf format) containing a list of all functions in our current DataSHIELD release.

Once you have loaded the DataSHIELD packages, you can find a list of all functions within a DataSHIELD package using the ls command in R/RStudio.


The output below is for the dsBaseClient but can be substituted for any DataSHIELD package:

> ls("package:dsBaseClient")
 [1] "ds.asCharacter"    "ds.asFactor"       "ds.asList"       
 [4] "ds.asMatrix"       "ds.asNumeric"      "ds.assign"       
 [7] "ds.c"              "ds.cbind"          "ds.changeRefGroup"
[10] "ds.class"          "ds.colnames"       "ds.dataframe"    
[13] "ds.dim"            "ds.exists"         "ds.exp"          
[16] "ds.isNA"           "ds.isValid"        "ds.length"       
[19] "ds.levels"         "ds.list"           "ds.log"          
[22] "ds.mean"           "ds.meanByClass"    "ds.names"        
[25] "ds.quantileMean"   "ds.recodeLevels"   "ds.rowColCalc"   
[28] "ds.subclass"       "ds.subset"         "ds.summary"      
[31] "ds.table1D"        "ds.table2D"        "ds.vectorCalc"               

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